Monday, December 10, 2012

Life has ...

Life has involuntary conditions. You can't move and breath. Like a sleep paralysis.

Even if you try to learn, there are situation like you have been handicapped. I haven't thought about this one. I used to be enthusiatic in learning things. Now, in between of nowhere I'm lost and gone forever.

When time is passed, you can't return. Just like the condition of bullet once shot from the gun. And it's gone. I can't stop nor return. I am not Ironman to turn that bullet's path nor I can shoot another bullet and hit the former and change the direction. This becomes impossible because the time has been comsumed to think what to do next before the second bullet is shot. Too much of wasted time. This taught me how much the time values.

At least I should try once before I quit. Even if I failed, this will be my learning for this stage. Because life is long to live and life goes on. I always think, I must say from my childhood, the things I do now, will help me some other time in future. That's my motto. Even if I am filed this time, I can teach this lesson to others though I'm not a teacher. I can hand over my experience to others by anymeans.

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