Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is copy and paste programming good?

Is it a good practice for copying and pasting other codes while programming?

In school, teachers write the codes on the board and we type on our computer,
and hit the F5. If it runs, you totally copy the exactly while you copy.If it doesn't show,
you type something wrong, you are missing something.Then, your teacher will come and
see and say "Ahh, you are missing ; (semi-colon) right after this."
You retype with semicolon and run with zero Errors.Happy Programming. :)

You remember what you did? I think, you will say "I forgot semicolon at the end of statement."


You just copy and paste your first code there from your teacher.

Because its you first code / initial stage, you copy-paste programming.

Life starts like this.Copy and paste.

In the childhood, you copy from mother or father how to speak. The easy alphabets for a child to speak are
(pa,ba,ma are the sounds that you try to speak, your lips first close and then open.I am not good at this)

Because child sees the lips motion() and tries to say what he/she listens.Papa / Mama / Baba and so on.
(Healthy child)

So, copy and paste already started from the childhood and its no offense.

The more practice, the more you learn.

Ditto copy won't work. Take the idea and run in debug mode , follow the code and see the variables.
And after you understand, Implement in your way. If you get the what you want, you go for another,
if not, you re-code. and coding goes on. CODING NEVER ENDS!

Learn from scratch.

You go with your first Hello World program tutorial and starts something bigger and you will grow up
bigger and bigger and you will be adult. You will get the idea how to do this and how to do that.
If you don't get the idea, there are forums and google it, ask there surely you will get some hint at least
one if you try. And you will grow up some more and one day you will be adult once again.

You fail.
Failures are the pillars of success. If you give up, they won't be success. So, be patience and patience is the must
when you create. Its not about an hour to create, it need more than time to give a good result.
The more you think, the bigger it will be.

Learn from others.
Listen to others and speak less and code more.
If you or someone can think, then it can be created.Its human nature.
Never give up. Giving up is always there as a final option. ;) (Learned from my Teacher)

An example.
There is a programmer Mr. X(say)  in camera lens maker company. He resigns there and  go to others company.
His place is taken by another programmer Mr. Y(say). If Y has to do the job , he must look what X has done.
So, Y learns from X. Y applies X code or recode in his one, it depends, but, when company needs Y to follow
X in limited span of time, Y must learn from X. What Y does, just Debug!

Doing and testing is a good practice.
While novice / noob stage, you must test different things to be bigger adult.
So, doing and testing a lot.
Do what you enjoy. I do that too. I enjoy what I do.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Friday, December 6, 2013

jadoo 3 //Firmware Recovery Please Insert Usb Drive

One day, Jadoo 3 gone like this.

//Firmware Recovery
Please Insert Usb Drive

There was no clue what went wrong.
So, just I googled and didn't get the answer.

I go for and clicked for Live Chat Support.

There came the nice guy.

I told him the problem and it was due to the problem of firmware.

He gave me the recovery file(bin) and just insert into USB and inserted
into Jadoo device and it began to run/update its firmware.

and its just worked.

Thank you support guy.

Now , Jadoo 3 is working!

They will give you the recovery file.So, connect to internet and download file.

Have a Good Day!

Conversation Sniff
System     8:08:52 PM
    System is getting started. [Tuesday, December 03, 2013 8:08:52 PM]
    A representative will be connected, please be patient.
    We are still trying to connect you, please be patient. If you don't want to wait please leave a message: Leave message. Thank you!
    Jadoo Support Guy enters the chatroom.
    Jadoo Support Guy     8:12:39 PM   
    Hello, my name is Jadoo Support Guy. how can I help you?

    Kapil     8:14:22 PM
    Hello sir, my jadoo 3 has problem from today's morning

    //firmware recoveryplease insert usb drive    
    Jadoo Support Guy     8:15:13 PM        
    ok one sec
    Dear Customer, You are requested to follow the following instructions.
    1- Download the file from following location to your computer..
    2- Copy the file into your Flash Drive [Media Storage Device] in which your store your document / pictures / songs / movies.
    3- Insert the Flash Drive into JadooBox and then wait, it will automatically detect the file and then it will be repaired.    

    Kapil     8:17:57 PM        
    Thank you Very much it worked!    
    have a good day~!

How to convert MySQL to SQLite

My projects needed SQLite file.
My database in MySQL has to be converted into SQLite.

So, searched into google and gone over threads of different forums,
finally, I was able to make SQLite.

links when I searched,

./ -u root --default-character-set=utf8 MySQL_db | sqlite3 SQLite_db.sqlite
#learned from

As this code needs, from GitHub
Copy to C:\cygwin\bin

2.In cygwin, Copy
mysqldump.exe from C:\xampp\mysql\bin to C:\cygwin\bin

3.sqlite3 downloaded from according to your OS)
and copy
sqlite3.exe to C:\cygwin\bin

4.Start Apache and MySQL Services from Xampp C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe

5.Run mintty/cygwin/bash
run this command to make file executable learned from
chmod +x

and the final command to convert MySQL to SQLite
./ -u root --default-character-set=utf8 MySQL_db | sqlite3 SQLite_db.sqlite

// -u root ===> your localhost
//--default-character-set=utf8 ===> to make unicode
//MySQL_db ===> MySQL Database name(db from phpMyAdmin)
//SQLite_db.sqlite ===> SQLite database which is saved into the same directory C:\users\user(see by pwd for address)

this should convert your MySQL database to SQLite in you C:\Users\user directory.
or pwd for the path.

Thank you for your visit.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Firefox is very good

Firefox is very good.I like than other browsers.
But, if Adobe Flash work without crash then, it will be No.1 and default browser in every computer!

Safe Surfing Youtube Videos and users being Viral

Youtube videos being viral.
Someone is making fake videos or copying videos.

Someone Has to take action.

You can see same videos but, from different users.
And watch their videos so many of them in
short span.

Let me show you!

Lets filter through uploading time.

What is this? same video with different titles.

Very Extra ordinary!

Very much fishy!

huge videos within one day.

As you can see, same video from different users.
and those user have so many vides within one day or week.Very creative to produce videos, I guess.

So, Be careful while you surf youtube.

Safe Surfing.!

Enjoy your youtube tour!

Microsoft Office Picture Manager paste edit Print Screen Crop by pixel without mspaint

This Video shows you how to paste the print screen using Microsoft Office Picture Manager and edit, crop the photo by pixel without using mspaint or any software.


Just what it is. Very Digital and analog. Very True.

SONY VAIO,SONY,VAIO, DIGITAL,ANALOG, make.believe.very true

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Youtube videos search Fake about 2000 videos Within 1-2 weeks

Video Link:

There are so many videos within 1-2 weeks as you can see while searching for a video.

So, youtubers be aware of the videos because they are cropped from other videos.
Be aware!!!

As you can see in the video, same videos are repeated from pages to pages with different user names.

The fake accounts are registered in August 26, 2013 and today is September 5, 2013 and
most  accounts have around 1700-2300 videos uploaded in this short span of time.

Happy Surfing!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

thepiratebay is down again : Could not connect to caching server 00

2013-08-13 18:58 thepiratebay is down again.I faced it for the first time.

The issue was reported in 2013-02-02 in
and issues have been found all worldwide and its today again.

Hope, to get back soon.

08/13/2013 19:33 Upgrading software, please check back in some minutes.

08/13/2013 - 19:37 is fully back.

Welcome back!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

how to learn new things

Normally, a teacher is needed to learn things. Like in school you will have teachers. In home, when you are just born, you will have your parents as teachers. There is someone always who teaches you. In any cases, you will be having an experienced one, from whom you will learn. Either you will learn from studying or from those experiences. No need to pay on monthly basis, because in this place you will be paying as you studying and everything will be balanced that is no debit and no credit.