Friday, December 6, 2013

jadoo 3 //Firmware Recovery Please Insert Usb Drive

One day, Jadoo 3 gone like this.

//Firmware Recovery
Please Insert Usb Drive

There was no clue what went wrong.
So, just I googled and didn't get the answer.

I go for and clicked for Live Chat Support.

There came the nice guy.

I told him the problem and it was due to the problem of firmware.

He gave me the recovery file(bin) and just insert into USB and inserted
into Jadoo device and it began to run/update its firmware.

and its just worked.

Thank you support guy.

Now , Jadoo 3 is working!

They will give you the recovery file.So, connect to internet and download file.

Have a Good Day!

Conversation Sniff
System     8:08:52 PM
    System is getting started. [Tuesday, December 03, 2013 8:08:52 PM]
    A representative will be connected, please be patient.
    We are still trying to connect you, please be patient. If you don't want to wait please leave a message: Leave message. Thank you!
    Jadoo Support Guy enters the chatroom.
    Jadoo Support Guy     8:12:39 PM   
    Hello, my name is Jadoo Support Guy. how can I help you?

    Kapil     8:14:22 PM
    Hello sir, my jadoo 3 has problem from today's morning

    //firmware recoveryplease insert usb drive    
    Jadoo Support Guy     8:15:13 PM        
    ok one sec
    Dear Customer, You are requested to follow the following instructions.
    1- Download the file from following location to your computer..
    2- Copy the file into your Flash Drive [Media Storage Device] in which your store your document / pictures / songs / movies.
    3- Insert the Flash Drive into JadooBox and then wait, it will automatically detect the file and then it will be repaired.    

    Kapil     8:17:57 PM        
    Thank you Very much it worked!    
    have a good day~!



  2. GREAT, it really worked! Thank you very much

  3. Thank you It really helped me.

  4. Thanks so much man, stuck my jadoo in resolution invalid. Used ur file and it worked!

  5. Anybody has jadoo 4 firmware file ?

  6. Anybody has jadoo 4 firmware file ?

  7. how can you upgrade jadoo 4, is it necessary?

  8. My Jadoo3 only shows the main flash screen with jadoo3 icon and hangs up.
    Any thoughts?

    1. Maybe your box needs to be reset
      you can do this by unplugging the box
      wait 10 seconds re plug the cable and hold OK button
      then select Factory reset in diagnostics menu restart box and it should be working

  9. Anybody has jadoo 4 latest firmware file ?

  10. Anybody has jadoo 4 firmware file ?

  11. How can we forced update another firmware on jadoo3? Any idea?

  12. do you have to download dropbox for it to work?

    1. It didn't ask me to download so probably no

  13. Hello! Jadoo 3 code forget. how clean? please Help me!

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