Thursday, April 30, 2015

How to help for Nepal Earthquake from your home

How can you Help for Nepal Earthquake from your home

Hello !!!
Can we match and fix the problems?
We just have to see the problems listed below and search it in solutions listed below(Ctrl + F shortcut for search) search for places like district.
Then, we can call the resources and if they are available and make a match so that we can solve problem.(Skype is free for calling to +977  i.e. Nepal provided by Skype and Viber to any phone inNepal is free provided by Viber)

It might not get success, but, your help will be very much appreciated.

If you have helped or made a match write the status for others so that there is no double attempt for the same problem. or you can check if it is solved. (PDCA cycle)

P.S. I will edit the post if you have any resources.
★You can also help by adding the resources or just by posting problems here.
Each entry is a great help to minimize the effect of Earthquake furthermore.

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 ●Problems are here.




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